To give back to all JILIPLAY users,the VIP reward mechanism is now open. As long as you can meet the requirements, you can receive generous bonuses!

    JILIPLAY-VIP hierarchy table


    Activity Requirements:

    Players upgrade to a new VIP level you will get free bonus, no withdrawal requirements.

    Each player will receive their bonus reward for each upgrade, and bonuses can be replaced.

    To be reliable, To be sure that your registration card name, To be reliable and UNIQUE on our platform, If the same network that registered your data is used to register other accounts with the same name registered in first. It will be considered fraud and will result in the suspension of the same.

    From the day of the event announcement, you will only be able to receive the bonus if you upgrade your VIP



    Make sure your name and bank card are accurate and unique, if the same uses Ips of different networks to register another account on the platform and get the benefits, it will be considered fraud and your account may be frozen permanently.

    JILIPLAY-VIP level and related benefits


    VIP bonus calculation methods and regulations:

    For example:
    Player A is at VIP level 6. Player hits the minimum monthly deposit of 100,000 or hit the monthly 1,000,000 turnover. Player will be promoted to VIP level 7.
    Player A will get a 688 upgrade bonus.
    Player A has to deposit a minimum of 30,000 or hit 300,000 turnover next month in order to maintain at VIP Level 7.
    If Player A maintains at VIP Level 7 next month, he will get a monthly recurring bonus of 188.
    Otherwise, Player drops down to VIP Level 6.

    JILI Rewards Club level and benefits may not be traded, transferred, or sold in any form.
    Rebates will be issued daily at 02:00hrs, unless otherwise informed, and will be calculated based on the member’s valid turnover from 00:00hrs to 23:59hrs of the previous day. The minimum rebate amount is ₱1 and is subjected to 1x valid turnover requirement before any withdrawal is allowed.


    For example:
    Valid Turnover of the previous day – ₱100,000
    Rebate 0.5% – ₱100,000 * 0.5% = ₱500
    Valid Turnover Requirement = ₱500 * 1 = ₱500



    Valid turnover on all platforms will be credited towards the turnover calculation for JILI Rewards Club, Rebates, and Birthday Bonus.

    Birthday Bonus can be claimed within the birthday month. Birthday Bonus will be calculated in accordance to the VIP level and is subjected to 1x turnover requirement before withdrawal is permitted.
    For example:
    Birthday Bonus = ₱1,888
    Valid Turnover requirement = ₱1,888 * 1 = ₱1,888


    Upgrade & Monthly Recurring Bonus will be calculated in accordance to the VIP level and is subjected to 5x turnover requirement before withdrawal is permitted.


    For example:
    Upgrade Bonus = ₱188
    Valid Turnover requirement = ₱188 * 5 = ₱940

    Rules & Regulation:


    ● JILIPLAY Rewards Club is available to all registered members.
    ● The Upgrade Requirement for JILI Rewards Club will be calculated based on the monthly deposit or the monthly turnover from the 1st of each calendar month to the end of the month unless otherwise stated. Monthly deposit Amount and turnover will not be carried forward to the next month for tabulation of Upgrade Requirement.
    ● JILI Rewards Club level will be upgraded the moment the requirement are met. Multiple upgrades a month are permitted. However, only 1 level of upgrade per day is allowed.
    ● Upon successful upgrade, the new JILI Rewards Club level will be valid for the next month. In order to maintain the VIP level, member has to meet the minimum requirement of monthly deposit amount or monthly turnover. Should the member fail to complete, the member will be downgraded by 1 level.

    ● All deposit made is subjected to 1x turnover requirement before withdrawal is allowed.
    ● All voided/canceled/rejected bets, draw bets, bets made on both outcomes, Sports/Esports bets with odds below 1.70 Europe or 0.70 Hong Kong/Malay will not be counted as valid turnover as such will not be taken into the calculation to count towards any turnover requirement.
    ● Only one account per player is allowed. Members may be required to produce proof of identity before claiming any promotion or bonus. Players opening multiple or fraudulent accounts, accounts with the same IP address, in the same household, or family members, will not be eligible for the promotion and may have their funds forfeited and accounts frozen.

  • JILIPLAY VIP Program: Earn Exclusive Benefits And Rewards

    Are you an enthusiastic player at JILIPLAY online casino?


    If you are, then you’re in for a treat! The JILIPLAY VIP program is a remarkable loyalty initiative that is designed to reward and pamper players for their unwavering commitment to the platform.


    Delve into the exclusive benefits and rewards that await those who become part of this prestigious club.

    JILIPLAY VIP Program Exclusive Benefits

    Let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer:

    • VIP Star members, for instance, relish a generous 10% cashback bonus on all their losses. This cashback not only cushions the blow of losses but also boosts the overall value of your gameplay.
    • For those aspiring for the ultimate VIP experience, Ultimate VIP members can revel in a remarkable 15% cashback bonus on all losses. This elevated cashback rate ensures that even when luck seems elusive, you still come out a winner.

    Faster Withdrawals

    • JILIPLAY VIP members at JILIPLAY Casino enjoy the added convenience of faster withdrawals.

    This means that when you strike it big, you won’t have to wait around to relish your winnings.

    Quick and hassle-free withdrawals are a hallmark of the VIP treatment.

    Personalized Customer Service

    The JILIPLAY Casino VIP program takes customer service to a whole new level.

    VIP members gain access to a dedicated customer service representative who caters exclusively to their needs.

    Whether you have questions, require assistance, or encounter any issues, this personalized support ensures your concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.


    Exclusive Events and Promotions

    Picture this: Exclusive events and promotions tailored specifically for VIP members.

    The JILIPLAY VIP program extends special invitations to events and promotions that offer an opportunity to win substantial prizes.

    It’s a chance to elevate your gaming experience and reap rewards that are beyond the ordinary.


    Access to VIP-Only Games

    If you crave exclusivity, then the VIP program at JILIPLAY Casino has something special in store.

    VIP members gain access to a selection of VIP-only games.

    These exclusive titles not only provide a unique gaming experience but also offer the potential for higher payouts.

    It’s an elite gaming environment reserved exclusively for the most dedicated players.


    Now that you’re intrigued by the array of benefits, you’re likely wondering how to join the ranks of JILIPLAY Casino’s esteemed VIP members.

    The process is straightforward:


    1. Create an Account: If you’re not already a member, the first step is to create an account at JILIPLAY Casino. This simple registration process sets the stage for your journey to VIP status.
    2. Start Playing: Dive into your favorite games and start playing. Every bet you place earns you VIP points. The more you play, the more points you accumulate, and the higher your VIP status climbs.
    3. Earn VIP Points: VIP points are awarded for every wager you make. The number of VIP points earned is directly proportional to the amount of your bet. So, the more you wager, the faster you progress through the VIP levels.



    In conclusion, the JILIPLAY Casino VIP program is a gateway to an exclusive world of benefits and rewards.

    By playing regularly and accumulating VIP points, you can ascend through the VIP ranks, unlocking a plethora of privileges with each new level.

    It’s an enticing opportunity for passionate players to enhance their gaming experience and enjoy unparalleled perks.

    So, why wait? Start playing, start earning, and embark on your journey to VIP excellence at JILIPLAY Casino today.

    Your rewards await!

    Sign up for an account at TALA888 Casino today and start earning VIP points!

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